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Cassiopeia Hospitality Enterprise Suite

Integrated product developed with UNIFACE low code platform, covers all information activities to operate a hotel.
Cassiopeia showcase

Cassiopeia PMS

Newly designed and adapted to the requirements of resort accommodations with distinct and different functional requirements from city hotels in terms of pricing policy, availability management, as well as information flow to the administration, sales department, financial department and to all other sectors of the hotel. Supports both ALL INCLUSIVE, BOARD AGREEMENT as well as mixed type resorts. The design is quite open and appropriately structured to support any situation or function that may require incorporation in the future, as conditions in the tourism industry are constantly changing due to fast technological improvement in the global market.

Cassiopeia POS

Point of Sales software, smartly designed to execute an order-to-sell operation quickly. Focused to avoid user mistakes as a key factor, in order to minimize human effort, especially for points of sales at the restaurant where there 's a need for satisfactory service in a short time frame. It supports multiple pricelists per product, per department and it is implemented on a WEB platform as well as on Android and IOS for wireless portable handhelds.

Cassiopeia ANALYTICS

Data Visualization tool implemented with Microsoft BI, embedded on a web page in order to be accessible from any device with a browser and an Internet connection.

Data from a single or multiple properties of the company (in case of a hotels group) are consolidated centrally in a customizable time period, visualized and providing all necessary information about sales, occupancy, budgets, costs and performance. All dashboards and visualizations can be fully customized as desired.


Seamlessly integrated to enable a complete solution


Available online, on any device, in real-time


Streamlined processes and operational efficiencies


Developed for any sized property or group

Key functionality

  •   Mobile solution
  •   Mid-stay room moves - create a future booking spanning across multiple rooms
  •   Guest cards - manage a client's historic and future bookings from one location
  •   Create and manage bookings for multiple sites from one log-in
  •   Easily create and manage rate plans
  •   Improved, automated processes
  •   Automated end of day closure
  •   User accessibility options
  •   PCI payment provider solutions that tokenise credit card data
  •   User configurable planner
  •   Multi-properties support
  •   Centralized BI reporting system